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Website design is a mixture of knowledge, art and creativity, the use of visual elements, and the ability to engineer their picking together. When a website is designed based on the principles and harmony of components, in addition to attracting the audience’s perpetual look, it can become eternal work, regardless of time constraints.

Needs and Website Design Planning

What the website is supposed to offer and what needs to be done by the user. The information is documented along with the client’s requests in the form of a proposal and confirmed by the parties. Based on the precise proposal that is being prepared, Perdita starts and runs the website design process.

Wireframe initial layout

The initial graphic design of the website or sketch is the first step in the design process of the website. In this step, all pages of the website, such as the home page, about us, contacts, blog, and all other parts of the website, have been designed in advance and are being portrayed by the user. Then the project manager and Kaframa have agreed on these samples and the main stage of the design begins.

Design the main theme of the website

Designed by Perdita, the design team has been designing different website pages and adhering to all the ideal design criteria. Organizational colors and logo play an important role in website design. On the Web, we try to make your website environment consistent with your business, so that the user is faced with an integrated business. Client could ask for up to 30% of the change to the original plan agreed upon by both sides. All graphic and visual elements will be approved by the employer prior to implementation.

Website Coding

The code of a website has a skeleton rule for a building; we use the combination of HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Java script to do static code and what the user sees or interacts with. Principle and high-level attention to the UI and user-friendliness of the UI make it possible for the website to always be available in the most up-to-date and optimal way possible. Also, server-side or dynamic website programming is also done in PHP or ASP.

Testing and revising the website

At the stage of review and testing, a sample hosting environment is created and the website is fully available to the customer to work as a manager and a user, and to transfer all comments to Perdita. The employer may need to make new changes to the website in this step, given that all stages of design and implementation have already been approved by the customer. If the technical team of this change is more than 15%, a separate invoice for applying Will be issued.

Delivery and training work with the website panel

Yes! We will teach you how to manage and update your website 🙂

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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.”

- Walt Disney

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