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Google is the world’s leading search engine, and millions are coming to Google every day to find the answer or find the goods and services they need. So if you can get a good ranking on the keywords associated with your business on this search engine, you can attract the most targeted audience to your website. According to the statistics, only 7% of the users review the results from the third page. This shows the importance of reaching the Top Ten, which targets many webmasters and website owners to be among those ten options. Today’s optimization for search engines is very complex and one of the most vital aspects of running a successful online business.

Technical SEO

Website code standardization, page speed improve, standard markup, responsive design, and so on. We call Technical SEO. To get started with content marketing activities, we will first need a powerful platform and standard website.

Determine the keyword strategy

Activities that include identifying valuable keywords, analyzing competitors, compiling content strategies, producing valuable content, labeling and categorizing, internal linking, etc. can be considered part of this process. Success in SEO without content is almost impossible.

Purposeful Link Building

To get rank 1 and compete with older websites, you need external linking to your website. Activities on social networks, specialized forums, comment marketing, buying backlinks, buying adverts and so on. We call the SEO Off-page that brings us to the ultimate goal.

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- Walt Disney

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